Shimano Miravel


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Shimano Miravel

Shimano Miravel: The Miravel is the lowest priced model in the popular Magnumlite Series. The reduced overall weight, combined with lightweight rotational feelis perfect for anglers wanting advanced performance combined with excellent affordability. The understated appearance of the Miravel will fill you with confidence. The elegant design belies its affordability and will seamlessly combine with any Shimano rod, creating the perfect harmony of lightness and balance. And the sophisticated performance will really appeal if you are a technical angler who appreciateslightness of weight and lightness of rotation. As part of the Magnumlite Series, you can be sure that the Miravel is packed with advanced technology to make your fishing more efficient and enjoyable. Featuring CI4+ composite throughout its construction, the Miravelhas a G-FREE Body that is remarkably light and well balanced, even in the larger sizes. And like all Magnumlite reels, the lightness of rotation almost defies logic, with only minimal pressure required to set the rotor moving. This makes it the perfect reel for advanced lure fishing, especially when combined with the latest lightweight rods. Internally, Shimano’s provengear technology works seamlessly to deliver power and smoothness in equal measures. The famous HAGANE GEAR, X-SHIP combination is enhanced with Silent Drive and the screw in handle gives an almost unnatural directness. In use the reel casts like a dream thanks to the superb line lay and AR-C spool, and the water resistant front drag can be totally relied upon in the most demanding of situations. A wide range of models are available, ensuring there’s a choice to suit your preference. From the smallest 1000, up to the largest 5000 size, you will also find extra fast gear options to give you extra speed when required. And whilst the Miravel has undoubted pedigree, the most remarkable characteristic is its affordability, which opens up lightweight performance to a completely new audience.


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